Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Back Porch Project of 2011

The back porch was due for re-doing.  Start the demo, deal with old footings, non level, nothing 90, you get it.


1. -- Start the demo

2. -- Need a dumpster

3. -- Roof is supported, demo done.

4. -- Framing the rim joists.  I've had a lot of success with the epoxy bolts, so I went this approach again.  Really secure, and really easy.  Make sure you get a SD drill for the holes.  If you tack on the ledger board with tap cons, then drill the epoxy bolt holes through the board and wall, you can take the ledger down, build the entire frame and lift it on to the wall.

5. -- I built the frame in place.

6. -- PT Plywood makes a good subfloor

7. -- I used tongue and groove pine to keep the old look.  It's a pain, but for life span of the wood I treated the bottom, grooves and tongues.

8. -- Another view

9. -- The railings were made by mounting a wooden frame, then using v-board secured against the frame, finished with another frame to hold it in.  All cedar for looks.  Railings are cedar 2x4"s, made nice with a router

10. -- I'll have to dig for a final photo. That's it for now

11. -- Ok -- found the final photos!

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