Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Insulating the Crawl Space

Insulating the crawl space! Yeah!

I would say it made a difference, the kitchen floor was a little warmer.  Worth it I guess, but maybe I shouldn't have done it when it was so warm outside.

Basic process was add a vapour barrier, rigid foam the walls, tap it all up, seal gaps with spray foam, done.

1. -- Starting condition.  I got to dig dirt, level, find old hockey sticks, a dog bone or two (fluffy?)

2.  - Safety first! I was spraying spray foam, it stinks.

3. -- Rigid foam on the well.  Held on with tap cons I believe.

4.  Another view

5. -- Another view

6. -- That is the fun door I got to crawl in and out of.  I didn't know what I find under there, so you'll see my health and safety rope.  It was tied to my waist and my spotter was "nearby".  There were a few people home, so at least the strength would be there to pull me out.

 7. -- Taking a break

8. -- One of the final photos, spray foamed, tapes, etc.

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